Surface abusive access patterns, today!

We use machine learning to scan and analyse your medical record access logs and surface abusive patterns. You can be fully compliant within just a few days.

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As of 2017, our solutions are compliant with current belgian legislation.

GDPR compliant stating may 2018

95% better than manual audit

If you multiply your current audit effort 10x you will not get the same coverage. The system scans 100% of the accesses.

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90% cheaper than your current audit

With a traditional audit, you would need a huge amount of time - and money - to obtains the same quality of control.

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Join the beta

We are still fine-tuning our system and not willing to have our users pay for the service. Feel free to try the system. We are confident it will be benifical. And while in beta the system is FREE.


Implemented in two days

Works with your current System

This tool is compatible with all existing systems on the belgian market. It complies with existing logging norms, and can also easily be integrated with a custom system. Typically the setup costs are quite low.

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Always up to date

Machine learning

We train continuously our models to surface abuses and uncommon uses.

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